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Pet Sematary-Stephen King


I recently read Stephen King's Pet Sematary. The introduction at the start of the book was written by King, and told the reader that it was, in his opinion, the scariest book he'd written. Naturally, I shat it at this, but I was determined to read it.

Pet Sematary (don't worry, the misspelling is deliberate) is about a young family with two children who move to a big ol' house in a rural area. They live right next to an isolated road that favours large trucks and "uses up" a lot of pets. This has led to a "Pet Sematary" being created about a mile away, where children go to bury beloved animals. Throughout the book we experience the protagonist's sense of confusion, fear, scepticism and loss as events unfold.

The book wasn't scary, exactly. It was thought-provoking, and if you like your books fast-paced it might not be for you. The story unravels agonisingly slowly, and you can see the ending miles away, but that's part of the horror of it. You know things are going to go wrong and you know something terrible is going to happen, but King makes you wait, get to know the family and let them into your heart before tragedy strikes. It's a slow, winding journey into a sad and eerie ending that, despite not making you jump, is disturbing and stays with you after the book is closed.

(A film was also made of the book, in which Stephen King played a minor role. It's old, but it is enjoyable and really quite creepy)
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