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So I'm reading a great book!

Blood Memory by Greg ILes.

I love those thriller-mystery novels! In this particular one, which is the first one of his novels I have ever read... The main character is a forensic odontologist. She measures bite marks on bodies and matches them to suspects. I am unsure if she is a character that carries over from book to book like Scarpetta in Patricia Cornwell's books. I am only on chapter four at this point. I've been really busy the past couple days and haven't been able to read like I usually like to when I get into a book.

At any rate, there is some foreshadowing about a personal aspect of the plot that is way too easy to guess, but I get the feeling that it's intentional on the writer's behalf. You tend to keep reading just to prove you are right and it is revealed early. It isn't enough to make you put the book down. The murders are interesting in the respect that at this point, you are aware it is a serial killer, but there is no indication of a viable suspect.

They are a bit grisly, but that's common for this genre'. I will edit the post more as I read the book!
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